Water of Life Kimono

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Sync into an oceanic abyss in this water-inspired Kimono. This was the kimono that started it all. We dreamed up a Kimono that could be worn day to night, over anything, by anyone, so you can make each day a Ceremony.

Kimonos are considered a symbol of both day wear and ceremonial wear in Japan. Different types of Kimonos are worn for different ceremonies from tea pouring to marriages. 

Water & Bird Kimonos are made-to-order and sewn in extremely small batches the USA, using ethical fabric sourced from around the world. Our fabrics are vintage, upcycled, using natural vegetable dye, or made by our artisan community partners.

Please note that all of our kimonos are mindful of both masculine and femine energies and are made to be unisex. The Water of Life Kimono is made from a soft, vintage, biodegradable Rayon blend. It has a balanced masculine and feminine feel, it can be belted, and features a draping fit with interior pockets. 

Water of Life Meditation: 

Imagine you are sitting near a quiet stream. Breath in and out and feel calm wash over you. With every inhale, image that a crystal clear beam of light is entering your Crown Chakra. With every exhale, imagine that the stream of water before you is carrying with it the stress and worries of your day. Do this for 3 minutes each night to clear your energy field. Thank the water for taking your anxieties away and cleansing you when you are done.