Jungle Journey Kimono

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Journey to the Jungle in this tribal and foliage-inspired Kimono. Kimonos are considered a symbol of both traditional day wear and ceremonial wear in Japan. Different types of Kimonos are worn for different ceremonies from tea pouring to marriages. This Limited Edition Kimono is hand made with a rare Vintage Italian burnout Jungle-inspired velvet.

Water & Bird Kimonos are sewn in extremely small batches in the USA using ethical fabric sourced meeting one of our requirements being vintage, upcycled, using natural vegetable dye, or woven by our artisan community partners.

Please note that all of our kimonos are mindful of both masculine and femine energies and are made to be unisex. The Jungle Journey Kimono has an equally balance masculine-feminie feel, an A-line fit with silk tribal trim and silk lined pockets. 

Jungle Journey Meditation:

Close your eyes and begin to breath deeply. Picture yourself in a forest or jungle - whichever is more soothing to you. Picture yourself leaning up against the base of a beautiful tree. The tree is offering you complete rest, support, and comfort. Feel yourself supported by the deep root of the tree sinking into the Earth below. Feel yourself stretching up with the highest branches, and feel the warmth of the warm sun. Stay here as long as you would like, feeling completely supported and nourished. When you are done, thank the tree for offering you this moment of peace, and the sun for it's light and warmth.