"Erin’s work is truly unique and had a deep, positive body and mind transformation. I felt a genuine shift in perspective and a lightness and release afterward. I’ve felt more grounded and centered throughout each day since. Truly cannot express how much it’s changed things for me. I honestly was not expecting this much of an impact. I am so grateful."




"I love this new way of thinking. Makes me feel so much happier. And I’m not just saying that. Since my session I’ve had a different energy and level of happiness surrounding me."




"This was a truly transformative experience. I’ve had a lot of massages and body work. I don’t know what this was, but it was something else. Within 20 minutes I was in an amazing state of mind I didn’t want to leave."




"Erin is a deep healer. Being with her makes me feel calm. She helps me reframe the way I’m thinking about situations and push to see them in a positive light."




"I walked in for a massage and left floating. I am grateful for my session and the way the rest of my day flowed. Thanks for that special experience."





"The time I had with Erin was transcendent. Her hands helped transport me to a place of healing deep inside myself. It was midway through one of those most-stressful of production days and in just 15 minutes I was not only breathing deeply and calmly but I felt reconnected to my own source of creativity, peace and bliss. What was so extraordinary was that it was far beyond healing of the body but through her touch brought healing and calm to my soul. I am counting down till I can have my next session and go in even deeper."



"Every time that I leave my Water & Bird session I feel completely renewed. Erin channels energies that support the healing of old wounds and the activation of my own self healing capacities. Through her amazing work, I feel more physically, mentally, and spiritually aligned than I have ever felt. I am so grateful that I found her. "