Our Story



We provide hats for our community to elevate their lives and Make Every Day a Ceremony. The clothes you wear are an expression of your soul, and each item can be a powerful tool for self transformation and healing.

Water & Bird items are either truly one-of-a-kind, or made in small batches with Hampui Hats. We partner with master artisans and indigenous craftsman in communities around the world to help support the preservation of their art, culture, ceremony, language, and land. It is our highest aim to ensure that everything we source is intentionally made.

Founded by Erin Berman who grew up in a hat culture riding horses - from cowboys of Colorado to the Gauchos of Argentina to the Polo fields of Oxford - her love of hats turned into creative directing and designing hats with her partner in love and life, Medicine Hatter Willee Roberts. We are extremely selective in this process. Whether it's sourcing vintage fabrics, or using natural vegetable dyes and sustainable fabric, to creating each hat in a space of ceremony, there is no detail of our collection that has not been carefully considered in both its environmental and spiritual impact.

Water & Bird has our own perspective on design and materials, although we are grateful to be part of the Hampui Hats family and under the sweet guidance of Willee. Thank you for dreaming with us, healing with us, and sharing with us.