Our Story

Water & Bird Founder, Storyteller and Alchemy Healer Erin Berman has studied energy modalities and spiritual practices for over a decade. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Observer, Inc., CBS, Architectural Digest, MSN, and Bustle, among other publications for her work as a Storyteller and Wellness Advisor. She strives to help individuals and organizations transform their story into powerful and authentic narratives while building strong community along the way.



As an Alchemy Healer, she has been sought out for her ability to immediately transform energy to facilitate lasting positive change in clients. Her approach combines Alchemical Laws, Ancient Archetypes, Indigenous Medicine, and Vedic Meditation to raise energetic vibrations. She leads a monthly Alchemy Meditation series in addition to working 1-1 with private clients to help them achieve abundance and clarity in all aspects of their lives.

Erin knows firsthand the struggles of the human condition - she was diagnosed with OCD and experienced almost daily panic attacks as a child. She became Buddhist at age 13, engaging in vegetarianism, yoga, and meditation practices to help ease the suffering. After five years of spiritual studies she took her first trip to India to seek additional tools to continue to overcome fears and limiting belief systems. 

Erin's journey has taken her all over the world where she has had the opportunity to learn from renowned mystic teachers and religious scholars from many traditions. Along the way, her panic attacks and daily anxiety diminished... then disappeared entirely. Through the culmination of continued extended visits to India, she has studied Pranayama, Kriyas, Ayurvedic and Shiatsu massage, and received her Ashtanga 200 YTT. She also spent a year living and studying Kabbalistic Meditation and Mysticism in Jerusalem. She is a certified Reiki practitioner initiated in Usui Reiki lineage, and Cranial Sacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute.



The secret of Alchemy is no secret at all: It exists to transform our souls from a state of suffering and resistance to a state of freedom and bliss. To turn limiting beliefs into positive manifestations - that is the power of Alchemy Healing.






After overcoming a debilitating chronic illness, Erin saw the importance of energetic work more than ever before.Erin continues to learn from top healers and spiritual leaders in addition to working directly with indigenous communities to help preserve the ancient wisdoms they have passed down for thousands of years. Her love for travel, textiles, and storytelling as well as a strong desire to allow people to connect with everything they put in and on their body, was the foundation for Water & Bird Ritual Wear. 

Today, she can be found designing each season's custom collection at the Water & Bird Sanctuary based in Berkeley, California, leading her monthly meditation series in New York at SoHo House, collaborating with community artisans  around the world, or practicing yoga at the ashram she visits each year in India. Erin is currently in apprenticeship studying Indigenous Medicine Traditions. However, she chooses not to align with a particular school, instead having gratitude for all teachers and relying on Pure Source and each individual soul to guide the session.