Hat Sizing


Medicine Hat Size Guide

Water & Bird Hats are made in a shared studio with Willee Roberts of Hampui Medicine Hats, a custom hat maker in Berkeley, CA.  Roberts' custom hats are created to channel healing and receive blessings through the process and ceremony of their creation.  The Water & Bird hats collaboration preserves the unique handmade, spiritual nature of Roberts' craftsmanship which merges perfectly with the Water & Bird Ritual Wear ethos. All hats are 100% wool or a pure combination of Rabbit and Coypu fur and are sourced from a 100 year old factory in Bolivia and finished by Willee in Hampui's Berkeley-based Hat shop. 


1 - Using a tape measure or piece of string, wrap the circumference of your head. Ensure that you are measuring just above your ear where the hat will rest, and wraps above your eyebrows. This is where your head is widest. 

2 - If using a string, measure the length of the string on a ruler. Don't have a ruler? Use this handy tool. 

3 - Measure multiple times to make sure that you get it right. 

4 - Use the following measurement to select from the following sizes that we offer.

  • Small: 54-55cm
  • Medium: 56-57cm
  • Large: 58-59
  • XL: 60-61cm 

If you are in between sizes then we suggest that you size up. Send us an email if you are concerned that your order might be a little loose and will make sure we include a small felt strip that you can place in your hat to help it fit snugly. 

You can also send us a note in the "contact us" section of the website if you have any questions.