1. Where are your products made?

Unlike most other hat makers on the market who source from large factories in the US, Portugal, Spain and China, our hats are finished in our own custom studio in Berkeley, CA. We source materials from around the world.

2. Do you have a storefront?

Not yet! We are currently only open by appointment only in Berkeley, CA. 

3. How do I measure my head?

Check out our hat sizing page! If you have questions email erin@waterandbird.com

4. How should my hat fit? 

Your hat should sit comfortably on your head - without leaving a mark, giving you a headache or causing too much pressure. While it's personal, we recommend a snug fit so your hat isn't falling off. If you can fit one or two fingers inside your hat, it's too large. If you don't like hats too tight and want extra space, no more than one finger should fit comfortably. Note that if you leave your hat in a hot car it will get smaller.

5. I received my hat and it's the wrong size, what now?

If you believe that you need a new size, please email erin@waterandbird.com. We will have you ship back to us within 7 days to offer you a sizing swap. We cover shipping back to you. If you are on the cusp of the two different sizes, we recommend you size up and request a foam hat filler from us, free of charge, for a perfect fit. 

6. Will my hat stretch?

Your hat will not stretch much (we pride ourselves on quality materials that hold their shape) but might give about 1/8 of an inch as it contours around your head. 

7. Can I wear my hat in the rain?

We do not recommend wearing hats in the rain if you want them to retain their shape. Rain will make a hat more floppy, but some people wear their hats rain or shine who love a more distressed and worn-in look. 

8. How long will my order take?

Hats are made to order and will ship within 2-3 weeks of placing your order, however often go out much sooner. 

9. How do I know when my orders ships? 

You will receive an email update with your USPS tracking number.