Water & Bird is a lifestyle brand, healing platform, and mindfulness series that aims to raise energetic vibrations of mind, body and soul.



We are dedicated to sharing the tradition of Alchemy and provide tools for our community to Make Every Day a Ceremony. We believe the ultimate manifestation of the soul is to be free of suffering and constraints, in order to achieve self realization of the Divine. In this state, the Soul will wander freely and vibrate on the highest energetic levels. Alchemy Healing allows you to utilize the power of plants, metals, and planetary movements to move through your own Hero's Journey to achieve liberation, finding freedom and bliss. 

Ritual is all around us and has been since humans walked the Earth and gave thanks to the rising and setting of the sun. The clothes you wear are an expression of your soul, and each item can be a powerful tool for self transformation and healing. All Water & Bird clothing is seen as Ritual Wear and Sacred Adornment to inspire these changes within. Because we believe that this clothing should evoke a sense of magic and wonder each time you wear it, Water & Bird items are either truly one-of-a-kind, or made in extremely small batches. We partner with master artisans and indigenous craftsman in communities around the world to help support the preservation of their art, culture, ceremony, language, and land. 

It is our highest aim to ensure that everything we source is intentionally made. We are extremely selective in this process and careful when it comes to production. From picking out historic vintage fabrics, to partnering with a seamstress from Peru who is the daughter of a Shaman, to collaborating with a designer using natural vegetable dyes and sustainable fabric, to working with a Medicine Hatter who creates each hat in a space of ceremony, there is no detail of our collection that has not been carefully considered in both its environmental and spiritual impact. 

Thank you for dreaming with us, healing with us, and sharing with us. We are honored to have you a part of our community coming together to Make Every Day a Ceremony. 

Blessings,  Erin 

Water & Bird Founder, Storyteller & Alchemy Healer



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