Mercurial Smoking Jacket

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Channel your Mercurial energies in this Ceremonial Smoking Jacket. Mercury is the ruler of our shadow selves and creative forces, this dense Red Planet invites us to embrace all sides of ourselves.

The Smoking Jacket reminds us that Tobacco is one of the most sacred plant Medicines found in the Americas.  This Limited Edition Smoking Jacket is handmade with a Vintage Italian velvet. 

Water & Bird Kimonos are sewn in extremely small batches, using ethical fabric sourced from around the world. Our fabrics must uphold to our Ethical Mission of being sustainably created by being: vintage, upcycled, using natural vegetable or mineral dye, or made by our artisan community partners. 

Please note that all of our kimonos are mindful of both masculine and femine energies and are made to be unisex. 

The Mercurial Smoking Jacket has a structured, slightly boxy fit and exterior pockets. It is a more masculine style, although can be belted to achieve feminine flair. It is one size fits most.

** Please note: We sold out of our first batch so we elevated this jacket one step further and added a black silk liner not shown in the photo. 

Alchemical Meditation on Mysterious Mercury:

Mercury is the symbol of the passive principle and is a term used for almost everything - it can be a symbol of the highest divinity, but also a devil. It is the true representation of the idea that Poison refers to the dose, not the substance. This is why snake's poison can cure us, and it is also possible to die from drinking too much water. Mercury embodies this - it is ambiguous and what you make of it. Alchemists speak of Mercury as "Liquid Silver" which is highly responsive and adaptive. Mercury is the planet of open-mindedness, new ideas and intelligence due to it's flexibility. Be aware of the power you hold when you tap into your Mercurial energies and vibration.